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About the fund

The Jerry Granelli Legacy Fund (JGLF) is the legacy of this Halifax-based, world-renowned percussionist, improvisor, educator and mentor. It is dedicated to carrying on his unique approach to teaching and to the nurturing of the improvising arts community he created in Nova Scotia.
In a career spanning seven decades, Jerry performed with jazz and pop luminaries worldwide, made countless recordings (including the quadruple platinum A Charlie Brown Christmas), and was a pioneer in the 60s free music scene. A highly talented musician whose life and work were firmly grounded in Buddhist spiritual practice, it is Jerry’s role as educator and community builder we celebrate. His unique teaching approach is embodied in the Creative Music Workshop (est. 1996 with fellow Halifax musicians saxophonist Don Palmer and bassist Skip Beckwith).
The Creative Music Workshop has been run in collaboration with the Atlantic/Halifax Jazz Festival since its inception. Today it is an 8-day intensive program grounding participants of all ages, skill levels, and artistic disciplines in the fundamentals and practice of improvisation in music and life. A core of Jerry’s most seasoned alumni now carry on year-round activity under the banner of the 1313 Music Association while others have gone on to pursue professional careers throughout North America and Europe.
Jerry’s work and dedication have fostered a vibrant music and improvising arts community in Halifax. The JGLF supports the group of young professionals poised to carry his work forward under the 1313 MA banner. The JGLF resides with the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia in two funds, an endowment fund and a flow through fund, directed by 1313 MA. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to the CMW program, support for special projects in improvising music/arts and administrative support to further the growth and sustainability of the program

If you would like to donate to this fund, donations of up to $500 can be made through one of the two CanadaHelps donation forms below.

For donations over $500, please contact the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia office at

Two ways to show your support: donate to the Endowment or donate to the Flow-Through (read more below).

Endowment Giving  &  Flow-Through Giving

Endowment giving:

Primary benefits:

  • The donor’s gift is pooled with CFNS’s endowed assets, invested through careful stewardship.
  • Perpetuates the donor’s values and priorities.
  • Creates a sense of immortality.
  • Allows incremental granting.

Flow-Through Giving:

Primary benefits:

  • Allows for flexible and responsive giving to community needs.
  • Provides an opportunity to disburse as much or as little as desired annually.

Old City :: New Voices 


This project is a work of immense collaboration. The pieces are spontaneous compositions. Old City – New Voices represents at least 4 years of working together with Halifax’s new generation of improvisors at the Creative Music Workshop, as well as a reflection of their own professional experiences. Together we  joined forces to create new sounds. 




Jerry Granelli recognizes the support of Arts Nova Scotia. He is 
pleased to work in partnership with the province to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians