Canadian Online Jazz Festival
November 8-15, 2020

JERRY GRANELLI Quartet – November 10
8pm AST / 7pm EST
TD Halifax Jazz Festival will present the Jerry Granelli Quartet, recorded at Sonic Temple Studio in downtown Halifax. The concert, which features a new quartet, where master drummer Jerry Granelli pays tribute to collaborators and mentors of his past, including compositions from Max Roach, Ornette Coleman and Mose Allison.
Jerry Granelli – Drums, Jackson Fairfax-Perry – Tenor Saxophone
Andrew Jackson- Trombone, Ross Burns – Guitar

The Tales of A Charlie Brown Christmas Tour


has been cancelled



The Creative Music Series



Tuesday July 11th, 1313 Hollis st. 8pm-10pm. TICKETS

Badaboom – Jerry Granelli with Doug Cameron

Wednesday July 12th, 1313 Hollis st. 8pm-10pm. TICKETS
Strings – Peggy Lee, Christina Kogle and J. Anthony Granelli

Thursday July 13th, 1313 Hollis st. 8pm-10pm. TICKETS
I Love Horns – Mike Murley, Michael Blake, Andrew Jackson, Andrew MacKelvey and Nick Dourado.

Friday July 14th, 1313 Hollis st. 8pm-10pm. TICKETS
Where Dance and Music Meet – Michael Blake, Peggy Lee, J. Anthony Granelli, Christian Kogel, Susanne Chui, Doug Cameron and Tim Crofts

Saturday July 15th, 1313 Hollis st. 8pm-10pm. TICKETS
Dance Hall – Michael Blake, Christian Kogle, J.Anthony Granelli and Ross Burns

Sunday July 16th, Halifax Central Library, 2pm. FREE
Free Finale Concert – Creative Music Workshop students



JULY 27 – AUGUST 4  2017



Creative Music Workshop is a 9-day intensive that places non-stylistic improvisation at the center of musical learning. Students discover their confidence, discernment and wakefulness through classes in creative process, ensemble, like instruments, meditation, and body-mind practices. For the last 5 days of the intensive, students and faculty present public concerts in the evening, featuring “spontaneous compositions” and works devised during the workshop. Hosted by Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 9.11.37 AMBrush/Movement/Sound

featuring percussionist Jerry Granelli, calligrapher Barbara Bash, and dance artists Susanne Chui, Jacinte Armstrong, Sara Coffin and Kathleen Doherty

8 pm (doors 7:30)
April 22, 2017
1313 Hollis, Halifax
$20/15 (students/seniors)

Advance Tickets:
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“Brush/Movement/Sound brings the best of many worlds together in a wonderful mix of visual, aural and physical accomplishments.” — The Coast

For the past few years, jazz percussionist Jerry Granelli, calligrapher and visual artist Barbara Bash and dance artist Susanne Chui have collaborated extensively, stretching the boundaries of improvisation and interdisciplinary performance.

True masters in their fields, these three performers effortlessly transcend the conventional barriers between disciplines to present an experience that can be chaotic and kinetic one moment, subdued and contemplative the next. For this very special show Jerry, Barbara and Susanne will be joined by three more of the region’s most accomplished dancers, Jacinte Armstrong, Sara Coffin and Kathleen Doherty.

Previous incarnations of Brush/Movement/Sound have dazzled audiences — this performance will be no exception. Don’t miss it! 

More upcoming events from 1313 Music Association: 

Jerry Granelli and the Globe Band

Sunday, April 23, 2017
8 pm (doors 7:30)
1313 Hollis Street
$15/10 (students/seniors)

final TigerBuddha 2017

The Tales of Charlie Brown Christmas Tour 2016:

Nov 26: Calgary: Central United Church 4pm

Nov 27: Banff: The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity 4pm

Dec 1: Ottawa: Dominion Chalmers Church 7pm

Dec 2: Sudbury:Fraser Auditorium: Laurentian University 7pm

Dec 4: Halifax: Spatz Theater 2pm & 8pm

Dec 9: Vancouver:Kay Meek Center 8pm

Dec 10: Victoria:Dave Dunnet Community Theater @ Oak Bay Highschool 8pm


JANUARY 3 – 8  2017


is located at
the corner of
avenue C and 2nd street, new york city

closed mondays

$20 per set
unless otherwise noted
Jan 3rd to the 8th. 2017
Line up.

Mr Jerry Granelli celebrates 76 years on the planet and 60 years of performance of improvised music.
JAN 3–8

Jan 3rd,  

Being Now: sound songs 

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the CD Sound Songs

The ground-breaking duo: Jerry Granelli with Jay Clayton

Jay Clayton (voice)

Special guests

Briggan Krauss (saxophone)

J Anthony Granelli (piccolo bass)

Jerry Granelli (drums, slide guitar, piano))

Jan 4th 

Double Trouble, Old Friends
Jerry Granelli (drums), Billy Hart (drums)

Jan 5th  

TRIO – Songs From My Life

Jerry Granelli (Drums) , Jamie Saft (keyboards/piano), Brad Jones (bass)

Jan 6th.

What I Hear Now
Jerry Granelli (drums), Jane Ira Bloom (soprano saxophone), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Mark Dresser (bass)

Jan 7th 


Jerry Granelli (drums), Peter Epstein (soprano saxophone), Chris Speed (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Jamie Saft (piano, fender rhodes), J. Anthony Granelli  {bass), Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone)

Jan 8th 


TEXT By Rinde Eckert

Rinde Eckert (Voice)

Jerry Granelli (drums)

Ben Goldberg (clarinet)

Ned Rothenberg  (bass clarinet)

Andy Lassiter (baritone saxophone)

Jeff Zeigler (cello)

Christian Kogel (guitar)

J Granelli (bass)


Lydia Adams, Conductor
Friday, March 6, 2015 at 7:30 pm
Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Building
University of Toronto, 80 Queen’s Park, Toronto

Warrior Songs was commissioned by improvising percussionist Jerry Granelli, with funds from Arts Nova Scotia. It is a five-movement concerto with choral material by composer Peter-Anthony Togni and accompaniment by Granelli. The 75-minute composition runs without intermission. The anchor and centre of the work is Tibetan Buddist Chögyam Trungpa’s poetry. Three of his poems are used: “To Gesar of Ling”, “A Childs Concept of Death” and “Battle Cry”. are also texts from the Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross, a text from the Roman Catholic liturgy, Da Pacem, and words by Malcolm X from a speech he gave in New York in March of 1964. His speech contains the important line “…my sincerity is my credentials”, which is the basis for the last movement of the concerto. Granelli and Togni are friends and have collaborated for many years. They play together in improvising ensembles in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Together, they have managed to build a composition that combines Jerry’s use of specific rhythmic patterns, important to him on many levels with Peter-Anthony’s imagination and skill as a choral composer. The result is a uniting of the two author’s spiritual practices; Granelli’s Tibetan Buddhist practice and Togni’s Catholic beliefs. This concerto is an ecumenical journey towards nonaggression, but it is certainly not a quiet ride; it ranges from sublime static sections to thundering chords and wild bursts of sound! The percussion part is freely improvised and is also made up of set patterns, the coming together of freedom, form, intuition and improvisation. Requiem et Lux, also by Peter-Anthony Togni, will open the concert.

Upcoming shows
Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Past show archive
04/18/13THE STONE - NYC w/ Jamie Saft8:00pm
04/18/13THE STONE - NYC w/ Jamie Saft8:00pm
10/19/12Halifax Pop Explosion - The Bus Stop Theatre8:00pm
10/13/12Yarmouth, NS: Minor Music Master Class2:00pm
10/12/12Yarmouth-Art Gallery of NS: noon time Rhythm workshop12:00pm
10/11/12Yarmouth, NS: Minor Music Auction8:00pm
10/06/12Home Grown Skateborads-LaHave/Bridgewater8:00pm
09/21/12Inverness County Centre for The Arts8:00pm
09/13/12PEI-Trailside Café 106 Main street Mount Stewart PEI8:00pm
09/12/12Halifax, NS: Compnay House8:00pm
09/07/12NEW YORK- iBEAM 168 7th Street Brooklyn: Jerry Graneli, David Tronzo, J Anthony Granelli8:30pm
08/22/12Tatamagouche at ‘Dorje Denma Ling’: Direct Perception - Summer Art Program with Jerry Granelli, Leya Evelyn, Alan Syliboy | Dorje De8:00am
07/12/12Halifax Jazz Festival:Neptune Studio Theatre - Granelli, Crofts, Oore & Oore | Threnodies8:00pm
07/09/12Halifax Jazz Festival: Granelli-Tronzo-Granelli | Tripleganger9:00pm
06/29/12Calgary, AlbertaCreative Music Workshop intensive with Jerry Granelli, Simon Fisk and Danny OoreNational Music Centre9:30am
06/29/12Calgary, AlbertaCreative Music Workshop Final ConcertNational Music Centre7:30pm
06/28/12Calgary, AlbertaCreative Music Workshop intensive with Jerry Granelli, Simon Fisk and Danny OoreNational Music Centre9:30am
06/27/12CALGARY, AB - CANTOS MUSIC FOUNDATION- Three Day Music Workshop & PerformnacesTBD
06/27/12Calgary, AlbertaCreative Music Workshop with Jerry Granelli and Jane BunnettNational Music Centre3:00pm
06/27/12Calgary, AlbertaRBC Summit Jazz Series kick off with Jerry Granelli trio, Jane Bunnett, and Hilario DuranNational Music Centre7:30pm
06/23/12KINGSTON, ON - SKELETON PARK MUSIC FESTIVAL - Pots&Pans Parade2:00pm
06/22/12KINGSTON, ON - SKELETON PARK MUSIC FESTIVAL - Grand Theatre - Baby Grand10:00pm
06/02/12Halifax, NSOBEY MUSIC CONVENTION1313 Hollis7:30pm
05/08/12Halifax, NSKINGSTON, ON -Hear’s What We Do!1313 Hollis7:00pm
10/30/11Seattle, WA - Tula’s -Earshot Jazz Festival - 2214 2nd Avenue7:30pm
10/29/11Seattle, WA - PONCHO Concert Hall -Earshot Jazz Festival- 710 E Roy Street (Kerry Hall, Cornish College of the Arts, Capitol Hill)7:30pm
10/27/11Vancouver, BC - Ironworks - 235 Alexander Street8:00pm
10/26/11Vancouver Community College Master Class12:00am
10/22/11St Albert, AB (Edmonton)- LB's PUB - 23 Akins Drive - 10:00pm
10/21/11Calgary, AB - Beat niq - 811 1 Street Southwest 9:00pm
10/20/11Lethbridge, AB - Black Tomato - 862 Heritage Blvd W.,8:00pm
10/15/11Ottawa, ONQi Connections Forum Leadershship and the Arts w/ Meg Wheatley & Jerry Granelliqi connections7:30pm
10/14/11Bishop's University Master Class-Lennoxville QC12:00pm
10/14/11Pizzicato, 61 King East, Sherbrooke8:00pm
10/13/11L'Envers-Montreal- 185 Van Horne 8:00pm
10/12/11Ottawa, ONNational Arts Center 4th Stage- OtawaNAC7:00pm
10/09/11Halifax, NSJerry Granelli Trio Residency @ 13131313 Hollis8:00pm
10/08/11Halifax, NSJerry Granelli Trio Residency @ 13131313 Hollis8:00pm
10/08/11Halifax, NSCREATIVE MUSIC WORKSHOP1313 Hollis12:00pm
10/07/11Halifax, NSJerry Granelli Trio Residency@13131313 Hollis8:00pm
09/16/11Jerry Granelli SOLO- Connexion GalleryTBD
07/30/11Sackville , NBJerry Granelli - Solo Performance & workshopSappy FestivalTBD
07/16/11Halifax, NSThe Jerry Granelli Trio- w/Mary Jane Lamond & Charles Spearin: The Happiness ProjectAtlantic Jazz Festival7:00pm
07/16/11Halifax, NSStudents of Creative Music Workshop 2011Atlantic Jazz Festival3:45pm
07/15/11Halifax, NSJerry Granelli (drums), David Tronzo (guitar) and J Anthony Granelli (bass)1313 Hollis9:00pm
07/13/11Halifax, NSJerry Granelli (drums), Anthony Cox (bass), J Anthony Granelli (bass) and Simon Fisk (cello)1313 Hollis9:00pm
07/09/11Halifax, NS Jerry Granelli, Colin Stetson & Jay Clayton Atlantic Jazz Festival7:00pm
04/21/11Halifax, NSJazz FestivalMetro Center8:00pm