Jerry Granelli SOLO- Connexion Gallery
Friday, September 16, 2011
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The drummer Jerry Granelli delivers a monologue in bangs:
invitations, warnings, sudden tangents, premonitions. At the
beginning, I feel, they are mostly warnings. This is a loss, this is
a wound I've seen, this is a doomed wish. Beware these things. Be
forceful. Be not too forceful. (This is not my wisdom: this is the
wisdom I took from Jerry, and I may have misapprehended
him.) When this 70-year-old yells nonsense at us, we yell back
nonsense. It's the same nonsense we use when we're talking to
our pets, murmuring to old lovers, yelling to our friends
because we have glimpsed them across a crowd. - Said the gramophone

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