Bishop's University Master Class-Lennoxville QC
Friday, October 14, 2011
12:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
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Spontaneous composition is the essence of what jazz music is. Initially every form of music was created through spontaneous composition. The Jerry Granelli workshop is the development of a state of mind, where spontaneous composition is more than a style; it is a way of learning. The entire workshop will be centered around exploring how to connect process, discipline and craft. Structurally the workshop is divided into two parts; be it two hours, one day or two weeks.

In every case the workshop is based in experiential practices. Listening. Hearing. First we are human beings living in the world, and then we are human beings who choose to create music in the world. As a human being and then a musician the workshop will explore and teach how to apply the concept of spontaneous composition to everything we do. This is a path that guides one on a life long journey of development as a human being and an artist. It is rooted in the notion of artistic or creative process. It requires honesty, commitment and openness. It imparts a discipline that leads to finding inspiration, in any musical form. It’s not about the destination; it’s all about the journey. It’s a state of mind that will require continued nurturing to maintain. This workshop will help to develop and encourage some of the tools that may come in handy along the journey.

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