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Jerry Granelli: Music Has Its Way With Me

Is it hip-hop? Or, is it jazz? Really, it’s equal parts hip-hop and jazz while not actually being either. It is more like the intersection point between Medeski, Martin & Wood, the Roots and MC 900 Ft Jesus. Stinkin’ Rich (aka Buck 65) breathes spoken word abstractions over free form guitar, bass, drums and Moog, along with his own brand of turntable antics. Although Buck 65 often takes centre stage on this project, the record really belongs to percussionist Jerry Granelli and the rest of the band, especially considering only slightly more than half of the songs require the presence of Buck 65. The band creates some nice tracks that have a live jam feel, making for a record that may not please everyone. However, listened to as a whole recording it is easy to understand the title. If you like music with a little difference, than Granelli’s Music Has Its Way With Me might just have its way with you. (Perimeter)

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RIP SKIP BECKWITH : 1939 – 2019


Nova Scotia musician and instructor Skip Beckwith is being remembered  as not only one of the greatest players the region has produced, but a devoted friend with whom so many loved to share the stage.


Donnie and Skip both being here, and playing as well as they did, enabled me to come to Nova Scotia, I  joined the pair in the free-wheeling, improvisatory trio Alive and Well. Together we released two albums in 1992 and 2000, and played a reunion show at the 2006 Halifax Jazz Festival.

They were some of the only people I had something in common with, back in 1986. They were on board, and they thought the trio was a great idea. The thing you have to know about Donnie and Skip is that they were driven by a tremendous love for the music.

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