This is going to be one hot show:

St. Matthew’s United Church
1479 Barrington Street

Charles Spearin: The Happiness Project (MTL)
contemporary jazz / improv

Charles Spearin has been instrumental in creating a new voice in Canadian music. As a founding member of post-rockers Do Make Say Think and art-poppers Broken Social Scene, Spearin has helped turn new international ears towards Canada. His most recent project began as a personal exploration of the connections between everyday speech and music, and wound up exciting a neighborhood and eventually a nation. The jittery horns and skittish drums of The Happiness Project follow excerpts from interviews with people in his community as they explore the subject of happiness. Having been awarded the JUNO for Best Contemporary Jazz Album in 2010, Spearin boldly combines personality, speech patterns and exploratory music that celebrates a unique creative spirit and the melodies of everyday life.

Personnel: Charles Spearin (guitar), Julie Penner (violin), Dave Clark (drums), Michael Barth (trumpet), Sulia Seger Scott (harp) and Karen Ng (tenor and alto saxophone)

Jerry Granelli Trio (HFX)
contemporary jazz / improv

This is the final concert in a special series of four celebrating Jerry Granelli’s 70th birthday…This is the first time in a career spanning over half a century that Jerry Granelli has led a trio. Joined by two of Canada‚Äôs brightest upstarts, Dani Oore and Simon Fisk, one senses that this music has been a long time coming. The long-time friends and collaborators make curious post-bop that sounds built, destroyed and rebuilt, to swagger into your ears like a drunken criminal. It feels exotic and hazy, a little bit dangerous even. The unusual inclusion of cello and baritone sax no doubt contributes to this fresh sound. There is a looseness to the music that is achieved by these expert players paying close attention to one another and each picking their own spots to shine. The trio will be joined on stage by Mary Jane Lamond, who contributed vocals to their newest album Let Go. Happy 70th Jerry!

Personnel: Jerry Granelli (drums), Simon Fisk (bass and cello), Danny Oore (tenor, soprano and baritone saxophone) and special guest Mary Jane Lamond (voice)

One Response to “Halifax-July 16th: The Jerry Granelli Trio with Guest Mary Jane Lamond AND Charles Spearing’s JUNO winning Happiness Project”

  1. sashi

    HI Jerry,
    Met you at YVR this morning and what a great time I had chatting with you!
    Went over your website and listened to your pieces with Danny and Simon.Great jazz.

    Did not know you were a Buddhist.
    Listened to your interviews on CBC.
    Please let me know when you are playing in Vancouver next.
    Love Jazz music and would love to hear your drumming.
    Let us make this world a better place.

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